our process

Initial Visit:
We will schedule a preliminary consultation on site. This is typically an hour-long visit with a tour of the property. The goal is to identify potential landscape opportunities and to hear your ideas. If we agree on working together, we will prepare a written proposal and estimate that approximates the hours for your project. Projects go on our calendar in the order they are received.

Site Documentation:
We will ask you for a lot or plot plan, property survey or other scale drawing of the project area. We will document existing conditions with measurements and photographs, and perform a site inventory and analysis. Based on that information, we will create a base plan, or scaled drawing of the project area that will be the basis for all further drawings.

Design Development:
We will create an illustrative conceptual plan. This starts with initial plan studies and an analysis of alternate solutions. Then we will develop a preliminary design that encompasses proposed outdoor living areas, lawn and open space, bed lines and planting beds, hardscape elements and key structural plants.

Final Design and Budget:
Based on your feedback to the preliminary design, we will refine it with greater detail: plant list, key, plant photos and a final design. We will develop a preliminary budget for sourcing, overseeing the installation of the plantings. The detailed plans will include specific plants, sizes and quantities.